Friday, August 01, 2003

open letter to a cultural benefactor

Regarding The Poisonwood Bible: Not to sound ungrateful, but should you decide to mail me another audiobook, please make sure that the box is not missing the last of the ten cassettes before sending it.

Update 10am: Just arrived at the office after stopping by Borders to buy the paperback of TPB so I can read the last 60 pages.

Update noon: Finished TPB with some heavy skimming (something you can't do with an audiobook). Shelly B asks "So, how'd you like it." Answer: First 2/3, great; last 1/3, okay. Which is a common reaction for me; I'm much more likely to like how a novel begins than how it ends, although there is a selection problem here become I suppose if I didn't like how a book begins I would never get to the ending.

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