Thursday, August 07, 2003

heart of darkness, part 7

Mr. Mongosutu replies. I'm having trouble following this on first reading, except that he seems not to want my dear sister Constance to be involved, as apparently only I and the dozens of other people whose e-mail addresses were accidentally pasted into his initial solicitation message can know about him and his precarious situation.
Dear Jeremy,
Thanks for your email. i really appreciate your effort to 

assist anyway you can in making this a realty. the efoorts you are
making i have noted and i promise to reward you once everything
about this is clear.
Today i told  you i contacted the Security company in an 

effort to make sure it is youthat will receive this consignment bearing in mind
the confidence i have reposed in you. In my discussion i was able to put the
question foward if my new beneficiary cn sign for the release of the Documents
without being in spain personally. then i was given the following answers and
Firstly, i was told that to change the beneficiary i must issue 

you with a POWER OF ATTORNEY. and a copy faxed to them.
Secondly, a form will be faxed to me immediately i am ready to 

do this.
Thirdly, The consignment can be shipped to my Benefactor if we fulfill the 

Monetary conditions for the shipment and clearance of the consignment from
the Security company.
With this i dont think we still need any third party. i am not confortable 

with this. I am not ready to sign any agrrement to deal with you with what i
have een in you but i believe we can do it alone. Nobody must know me and
where i am except you who i have conmtacted in this . You know my situation
here. and i am not taking any chances.
Take time and read this mail and let us know what to do if 

you cannot have chance to be there.
I await your response.

Best Regards,
Richard Mongosutu.

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