Thursday, August 07, 2003

heart of darkness, part 5

Time is apparently of the essence for Mr. Mongosutu. And to think that I've only taken a few hours to respond to each of his e-mails. I'm in a hurry myself this morning, though, with other things, and I haven't quite decided how to respond to his next e-mail, which tries to step things up a level. I present it here, however, and perhaps morning weblog readers will have some advice:
Mr Freese,

I thank you for your mail. I speak english with them in Spain. It's like
somebody in the company hears english. I will only give them your details if
you permit that. and that means you have decided to assist. The handling
company is in Madrid Spain. and as you can see i am ready to wait for you
but for a very short time because i belive you know what i am into now. I
also will like to have your phone no. so that we can talk on phone. I can
call you and you know why i cannnot be called . it's for my safety here.

And, like i said if you are ready to go there next week i will contact the
Company and inform them so that they will be aware . I only ask them to
give me sometime to sort myself out. So let me know how ready you are now.
But i believe this should be betweenme and you.

I await your swift response.
bestb regards,
Richard Gosutu.

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