Tuesday, August 12, 2003

heart of darkness, part 20

Okay, due to popular demand (e.g., "my god. we are all going to die."), I have decided to move toward pulling the plug on this. I think we at JFW are being cowardly and may have missed out on an opportunity for considerable riches. Oh, well, win some, lose some.

From Jeremy:
"Mr. Mongosutu":
I have just received a gloating e-mail from Dahlia indicating that 

you have decided to enlist her services for the purposes of your
transaction rather than Constance's and mine. I have no idea
how you got her e-mail, but I deeply resent the intrusion and
the breach of trust. Do you know that Dahlia is only 17 years
old? Do you have any idea the kinds of troubles that we have
had with her already?
Furthermore, I have made some inquiries the last couple of days

and discovered that e-mails like the kind you originally sent me
are much more widespread than I had ever imagined. I realize
now that I have been naive. Please do not contact me or any
members of my family again, or I shall be forced to alert the
appropriate authorities.
Constance:  I apologize for getting you involved in this.  

I will talk to you more about this later. Have nothing more to
do with this man.

From Dahlia:
From: "Dahlia Hawkins"

To: "richard mongosutu"
my brother has FREAKED OUT.  he just e-mailed and told me 

he was going to have mom cancel my credit card if I e-mail you
anymore. i still think that they were trying to take advantage of
you. my family is scum. i hope you are able to get your money fine.
hugs and prayers, dahlia.

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