Monday, August 11, 2003

heart of darkness, part 15

Reply from Mr. Mongosutu: to Constance and I:

Mr. Freese,
I have sent a fax message to Spain and i am yet to get a reply . It is about 

9.00pm here now and i dont think i can write you a mail today again. But my
prayer is that everything should go on as planned to finish this week.
So i will reach you tomorrow to finalise about the arrangements once i hear 

from them.

Reply from Mr. Mongosutu to Dahlia:

Dear Dahlia,
Thanks a lot for your email. and concern. but concerning this i am already 

discussing it with Mr. freese before he copted Constance into it. so i
believe that if you are the one chanced to be there it has to be
through Mr. Freese who is in charge. The assistance i need does not only need to be
securing the money but as soon as i come down to whereever we have
agreed to meet i will like to settle there and at the same time get a business to
invest in. that has been always my plan. so get intouch with Mr. Freese
and whatever he advises i will work on.
you can give me your telephone no. where i can call you if you and mr. 

Freese agrees on this. Once again i am working on his advise.
thank you.

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