Saturday, August 16, 2003

dispatch from the atlanta hilton, 2

Last year, I spent a full day holed up in my hotel room putting text together for an ASA talk where I ended up having too much material and reading/talking too fast and feel like I had wasted a bunch of time (especially since the paper from the talk went nowhere, although that's a story for another day). Never again, I resolved, and especially not just for a regular ASA session. This time, I went in there with the two transparencies and a 3/4 page of handwritten notes that I wrote that morning, and then I just got up there and talked. Much better!

I ran into Julie downstairs before coming up here and she said that she had checked my blog before leaving and knew from it that some of the Indiana contingent was not going to make it to Atlanta, but she didn't know whom. This is the first instance of someone reporting to me actually using my weblog as a news resource, and, alas, it wasn't specific enough. We will work hard at JFW to improve our coverage so that loyal readers will have the information they need, when they need it.

Tonight: The reception for the Sociology of Mental Health section (so apropos); Dinner with Powell and other's at his brother's restaurant (which, through a complicated story, was named the #1 lesbian restaurant in the United States by a magazine a few years ago); then the Department Alumni Night, for which Indiana University always takes much pride in its large turnout of alums, faculty, and current students (and helps ensure that the pattern continues by handing out drink tickets left and right.)

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