Wednesday, August 13, 2003

heart of darkness, coda 2

Off to Scrabble club, for the first time in a month. Before I leave, however, I thought I would share some of the reader e-mail I have received regarding the recent termination of the "Heart of Darkness" e-mail exchanges with Mr. Mongosutu.

A reader (and death-metal band member) from Denton, TX writes:
you are a [expletive deleted] chicken.  

i am surprised that you caved in to your friends.
guess who is no longer my hero.

Alternatively, a more optimistic reader from Kent, OH hopes the story will continue:
so what would happen if dahlia actually went ahead and contacted joe shmoe 

and said, "hi, my name is dahlia, my address is 326 pippy longstocking
drive, grand rapids, michigan. now show me the money." and why does dahlia
have to go to spain in order to do this? would the price of the
international call not be worth all the weblog fun? if you want to use a
real address, you could even get your very own post office box (i think
they are like a buck every six months or something) in some nearby city
(like milwaukee). it's that kind of attention to detail and committment
to excellence that would really impress your weblog audience...
your next move could also be for dahlia to suggest to mongocakes that they

together start a money scam: wouldn't it be fun, mr.mongocakes, if we
actually pretended that we were in this dire situation? and we could
actually scam people out of their money!...
finally, you could make up subsequent mongocakes correspondence (if you're

not doing this already) and orchestrate an ongoing soap opera between you,
mongocakes, dahlia, and the goody constance for your weblog audience. you
could rotate characters in and out of the story every few months. i would
be in favor of introducing pepe, the spanish orphan, who has a mysterious
past (e.g., it is ultimately revealed that you are his father), as he
searches for the truth about himself and about mongocakes...

While I appreciate the suggestions herein, I note that I would never make up correspondence for Mr. Mongosutu, as fabrication of any kind would compromise the integrity of this weblog, and also I have no control over what Dahlia does.

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