Sunday, August 10, 2003

wls update

The latest mouse-clicking-candy for me is this web URL by which I can see how many completes we have for the WLS, vs. the number of refusals, cases still in tracing (meaning we are trying to find them), and active cases (in the current pool that we are trying to call). I can hit reload and watch the numbers go up. I would include the URL so that you can see for yourself but some hands on the Good Ship WLS might think we should not broadcast this information to the entire world (and the entire world, increasingly, is becoming coterminous with the readership of this weblog). We currently have 140 completes vs. 15 refusals (a 90% response-vs.-refusal rate), and that's without any special efforts to convert refusals. So far getting people to do the survey is going really well, which speaks to the shining character of people from the Badger state. From looking at the other numbers, however, I suspect that whether our response rate ends up being "outstanding," "great," or merely "really good" is going to depend on how well we do at getting people who are not easy to reach on their phones in the first place, and so who haven't ended up being either completes or refusals yet.

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