Saturday, August 30, 2003

moving remarks

I got my comment card today for Two Men and a Truck, the company that helped me with my recent move. I chose them because I saw their truck moving someone else and liked the name. Dhani and Blaine, the two men who showed up with a giant truck, seemed confused about the plan to move things into their truck and from there into another motor vehicle (my RV), until I explained that the RV was currently sitting in a Long John Silver's lot with its engine blown. In the end, we had not just a good move but a hearty meal of Fish'n'More, and rousingly rang the Captain's Bell (their LJS's own version of a comment card: "if we did well, ring the bell") upon leaving.

I gave them top marks on the comment card. For "Would you refer Two Men and a Truck to others?" I filled in yes and added "on my weblog!" For how did you learn about us? I was pleased to see that they did indeed have a response category for Saw Trucks. But for "What is the primary reason you selected Two Men and a Truck?" they didn't have an appropriate box so I had to select "Other (specify)" and write in, "cute name! (albeit arguably sexist and suggestive of systematic and probably legally actionable gender discrimination)"

I bought a nice globe last night for the RV from the Rubin's scratch and dent store. I've been wanting a globe at least since Shelly B and I spent a whole meal at the Hubbard Avenue Diner playing with the globe they have there and especially after recently reading a biography of Mercator. The globe (a clearance model with no imperfections) was $120 and marked down to $90. I would have paid this price for it, but I was with a friend who also decided that she wanted a globe for her office and wondered if they would give us both the globes they had in stock for the price of 1. I never have the gumption to ask a store manager to cut a deal like that. She did, and he immediately went for it, revealing once again that I am someone destined to pay too much for everything except through the benign interventions of others.

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