Friday, August 08, 2003

heart of darkness, part 8

My reply to Mr. Mongosutu:
From: Jeremy Freese [mailto:(deleted)] 

Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 11:18 PM
To: 'richard mongosutu'
Cc: Constance Hawkins
Dear Mr. Mongosutu:
I deeply respect the trust that you have placed in me.  I recognize 

your reticience about my desire to involve my dearest sister
Constance, and understand if you insist that this is the way
that things must be. However, there is no one in the world
that I trust more, and she has been a tireless advocate for
many causes in the poorer regions of the world not different
from that which you also have bravely fought against. She
is an angel and a prophet: I trust her with my life, and she
has shown many times (most notably a truly dire occasion in
Las Vegas) that this trust is deserved.
In your preceding message, you suggest that there 

will be monetary conditions for shipping and clearance.
I presume that this means that the consignment
company will need to receive a fee before they release your
money. If so, I am presuming that the fee would be much less
if it was released to someone in Spain, which is all the more
reason why Constance may be the person to assist you. Do
you have any idea what these fees are? Will these be funds
that Constance is expected to pay, and then we will be
reimbursed from the money once that it is received? Constance
would be able to deliver the money personally in Spain if that is
the option that would be best to pursue (although she may be
a bit skittish about this, I think I can convince her). Alternatively,
if something like a wire transfer or credit card transfer is in order,
we would have to consult about this further. Again, DO NOT
PROCEED with transferring anything to Constance's name or my
own without these details being finalized; to do so prematurely
would be a deep transgression of honor and an insult to our
efforts to assist you.
I hope to hear from you quickly, as I recognize for 

your sake and that of your son Eli that we must proceed with haste.
Unfortunately, I have a particularly heavy set of obligations at work
and so do not know how quickly I will be able to respond to your
e-mails. You also have my cel phone number if that would be more
convenient; again, I do not know if roaming charges apply to my
phone for calls from South Africa but if they do I would expect

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