Monday, August 04, 2003

heart of darkness, part 2

Follow up on my earlier exchange with Richard Mongosutu, the former Zimbabwe government official who has sent me the opportunity to make $2.7 million dollars by helping him move funds he had redirected into a foreign bank account. My reply was swiftly answered:
Thank you very much for your mail. and i deem it necessary to give you 

more details on this business which i urgently need your assistance.

I left Zimbabwe last year at the Heat of the Election crisis which the
American government wanted my boss Pres. Robert Mugabe to loose by all
means. In the Heat of This i had to Move this Money to a security
Company in Europe thinking That Mugabe will Loose . and about two weeks
to the election I missed to South Africa with my two kids with thev
hope that i will be safe there once Mogabe looses. but the least
expected Happened and he won the poll.

I know he must be looking for me and i am hiding in my friends place in
South Africa . we have ran out of cash and my friend is feeding us with
the meagre salary he is earning while i have millions in Europe.

So that is the reason why i decided to claim it through a foreigner who
i will change to be the beneficiary , a position my son son presently
occupies while i will remain the depositor. As soon as we agre i will
inform the Security company of my intention while whatever procedure
that will follow i will inform you.

You are to go there and sign for the release of the Money to you and
have it deposited in your account. awating when i will come down to
your place for my share. but i may consider staying there if the iyou
can assist in investing my share and assisting in getting my papers and
accomodation too.

Now ,i have access to the internet but no phone because i threw away my
phone when i got an anonymous call fromsomebody,though i suspect my
friend i am leaving withn presently who only knows my predicament. but
i can call you from a publi phone here...

I await your response and if there is any question please do let me

There was some thought in my head about the possibility of a group of seedy spam-sending mobsters hunting me down if I continued this exchange, but then I decided to forge ahead. After all, where else am I going to get $2.7 million dollars, and I've been assured that there is no risk to me. My response:
Mr. Mongosutu:

Where is it that I would need to go?
How soon would I need to be there?
What do I need to do once I'm there?
Would I be in any danger?


As always, your humble blogger will keep you updated on further developments on my way to millions. I don't see why people complain about spam when it offers you no-risk high-reward opportunities like this. I feel a little bit bad that I didn't forward Mr. Mongosutu's e-mail on to my mother and have her pursue this instead of me, as she could use the money more and it also sounds like it would give her the chance to travel.

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