Saturday, August 02, 2003

great leaps forward

Progress, progress, progress is afoot here in the offices of Jeremy Freese's Weblog:

1. Readers of this weblog may have noticed this week that, like Ms. Magazine, this weblog is now ad-free. Unlike Ms. Magazine, hopefully, we will not need to raise subscriber fees in order to maintain the quality of this weblog.

I will confess some affection for the section of the banner ad for Prozac that would sometimes appear, as I can imagine the people at blog*spot pitching their site to Prozac manufacturers as the perfect one for them to advertise on.

2. We have just had our first post from Special Guest Blogger Rob "Babycakes" Clark. Rob is the puzzle piece behind the couch who makes this patch of cybersky complete. In addition, he is a champagne fountain of screenplay and midseason-replacement-tv-show ideas. From here on, who knows when his wascally prose may scamper across these pages.

3. The weblog now can include pictures! For example, here is a photo from the online-personal-ad of a friend of Shelly B's (search for: "smart, tuneful Boomer seeks fair woman of the soul"):

Meanwhile, on the Jeremy Freese Domestic Front, I have not only filled several boxes of things so far today for my forthcoming move, but I have also taken a box of books to Goodwill. My getting rid of books seems confined so far largely to books that I have never read and carted around for at least one previous move (and usually several moves). Books that I read once but know I probably won't go back to are still making it into the save boxes, for what I have to admit are sentimental reasons--they are like bulky little souvenirs of the happy (or, in some cases, exasperated) day I spent reading them.

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