Tuesday, August 19, 2003

regarding rob...

(Uniquely handsome Rob "Babycakes" Clark, left, and your weblog author)

Okay, another quick post before I go home. One of the more exciting intellectual moments at ASA was the revelation of the answer to a question that has puzzled me for some time. The good looks of my good friend and sometimes guest blogger Rob "Babycakes" Clark are widely recognized and beyond debate, but much less understood is why it is that Rob doesn't really look like other people. That is, with even a modicum of visual imagination, after awhile pretty much everybody you meet at least vaguely reminds you of someone else that you already know. But not Rob, he's always had this je ne sais quoi that has kept him from provoking any resemblence to anyone else. Well je ne sais quoi no more, as it turns out that Rob has a unique anecstral background: half-Basque, half-wolverine:

(Rob "Babycakes" Clark, right, with his life-partner Amy "Puppy Sprinkles" Kroska)

Update, 9:30AM: Already e-mail has come in from a loyal reader in Mundelein, IL, who writes: I have to say, this whole Rob is so cute thing, you're right! I think I want to breed with a wolverine now just to see what happens.

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