Saturday, August 09, 2003

puppy sprinkles' moment of fame

A new reader from Macon, Georgia has e-mailed asking for more details about the two-part Blossom episode that included an appearance of a good friend of mine in the role of "Puppy Sprinkles".

Plot summary (at least as best as I can recall): Joey Russo, fed up with the continual berating and costume changes of his sister Blossom, as well having to fend off the desperate unrequited love of her best friend Six, stows away in the back of a tractor trailer hauling contraband Cheddarwurst(tm) to Las Vegas, where he meets up with a troubled runaway named Puppy Sprinkles [my friend Amy] who is trying to make a living as a croupier. Joey falls in love with Puppy, who encourages his passion only because she has accidentally come to believe that Joey is really a millionaire cheese-filled-meat-product entrepeneur. Joey and Puppy's whirlwind romance leads them to decide that they are going to get married at Charo's 24 hour Chapel of Love just off The Strip [special guest appearance by Charo], and the regular cast makes a madcap trip out to Vegas and manages to stop the wedding just in time, with Blossom appearing in disguise as a drunken justice of the peace.

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