Sunday, August 17, 2003

dispatch from the atlanta hilton, 3

I'm going to a session in 20 minutes so this has to be brief. I'm blogging here from the hotel room doing about the best (still pathetic) rendition of the splits that I can presently muster. I have each foot on one end of the "Sociology at Wisconsin" banner that was entrusted to me at the reception tonight and that is all crinkly from having been rolled up in my bag until I thought just now to take it out.

I've been having a great time. Powell's brother's restaurant, Agnes & Muriel's is great southern food, and the font of the best peach sangria I have ever had in my life (indeed, that alone afforded an entirely new appreciation of Georgia, kind of like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil in a glass).

Anyway, perhaps more about the Department Alumni Night and other excursions later. Great "Author Meets Critics" session this morning about Eric Klinenberg's Heat Wave.

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