Thursday, August 07, 2003

heart of darkness, part 6

For a moment my nerve wavered, but then I decided that, despite what curiosity did to the cat, I need to press ahead with this. My reply:

-----Original Message-----

From: Jeremy Freese [mailto:deleted]
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 10:13 AM
To: 'richard mongosutu'
Cc: Constance Hawkins
Subject: RE: Thanks once again.

I understand your desire to do this as quickly as possible.  I agree.  

However, I must again insist that you not to put anything in my name
because we have not determined whether that would be the best way to
proceed. For one thing, I have not yet looked into how to make travel
arrangements to Madrid. More importantly, however, I have friends in
Spain that may be better able to conduct this transaction that I would,
such that the entire transaction may end up being resolved more quickly
than having me do it. I have cc'd one of my most trusted friends
(actually, my half-sister) Constance on this message. Putting the money
in her name (or perhaps, better still for reasons I don't feel comfortable
discussing over e-mail, the name of one of her associates) may end up
making it easier to redeem. Constance and I would split my cut of the
money, so it would cost you nothing. You may wish to cc: Constance on
any subsequent e-mails, or perhaps you wish only to communicate
directly with me and I can pass messages on to her.

I do not trust land telephone lines.  Indeed, I am having mine 

disconnected shortly, in fact. I agree, however, that sometimes certain
transactions are better discussed over the telephone. My cel phone
number is (608) 345-6653 [yes, weblog readers, that's my real cel
number]. I don't know if I will have to pay special charges to receive a
telephone call from Africa. If so, I presume that would count towards
the expenses that you would be reimbursing me for.


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