Tuesday, August 05, 2003

heart of darkness, part 3

Another message arrived today from my prospective business partner Mr. Mongosutu.


Firstly, i want to thank you for your mail. The Money is Now deposited in
Spain from Zimbabwe. there is no danger helping me. You are supposed to go
there anytime from now because the period of two years it was supposed to
stay with the security company expired lasdy month. and it will start
incuring demurrage of $150. every month as from this month. so that is why
we have to clear it immediately.

The money is mine and my son Eli is the Beneficiary while i am the
depositor. I will make you the Beneficiary so that you can have the Legal
power to claim the fund on my behalf. while before then we must have settled
everything relating to the claim. The security company has written me about
the expiration of the consignment and they are expecting me to give my word
on that . if we agree i will immediately fax them to let them know my

So, let me know what you feel so that i can immediately inform them of my
intention of changing my brneficiary.
I await your response,
Best regards,
Richard Mongosutu

My reply:
I can certainly appreciate your desire for urgency.  

Do you know where I would need to go in Spain?

I have a passport, although with my job it is not necessarily easy to fly on
short notice. Then again, I suppose, the amount of money involved makes
this less of a concern. I speak only a small amount of Spanish, I don't
know if this is required. Alternatively, I have (trusted) friends in Spain and
perhaps they could assist in making the transaction.

Please do not fax the security company any materials with my name until
we have had the chance to come to more of an understanding about what
would be the best course of action.


The plot thickens. I'll let you know when he replies next.

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