Thursday, August 14, 2003

live!: teddy stops by

We are here in 8105 Social Science live with Teddy, who has just been asked the question of what part of JFW she likes best. She votes for the Mr. Mongosutu thing, followed by various dispatches about Puppy Sprinkles. She seems a little nervous about the whole idea of having her responses entered in REAL TIME onto the world wide web. Except, she protests, that this isn't really REAL TIME, since I do have to hit the little "Post & Publish" button before any of this goes on line. "Exactly!" she shrieks. Then she starts talking about how scared she is of Emily. "No!" she cries, "Don't put that in there! Don't put how I'm afraid of Emily! What will she say when she logs on and reads this? Stop typing! Now! Seriously, stop typing!"
"You've ruined my life!"
she screams, "Besides, now you're just making stuff up! Before you were quoting me faithfully and accurately, and you've retreated into this complete fabulation."
"Teddy, do you want all your dialogue to be in a special color?"
"Oh, yeah! Heck, yeah! That would great! How about amethyst."
"I'm not sure that's a web color, Teddy."
"Well, make it one! I'm sick of your excuses!"
"But I've taken to using purple for my own speech. I don't think people would easily be able to tell your speech and mine apart"
"Teal is really nice, I love teal. I don't want any excuses about teal! So type that, and then type something about how I leapt up and ran from the room."
Teddy then leapt up and ran from the room.

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