Wednesday, August 20, 2003

regarding rob... (2)

More about my recent post regarding Rob. Mandy Noodleman, a regular reader from Blinderman, IL, e-mailed me this morning: I swear. I saw someone who looked like Rob jogging this morning. He had the same eyes and eyebrows, also that super otherworldly skin. I wanted to say something to him in Basque. Or Wolverine.

Basque, as you may know, is one of the world's most unique languages, unrelated to any other except for a vague affinity to Klingon. "Wolverine," however, is not a language, but rather as X-Men viewers know, wolverines speak a fairly standard version of American English, only with a more earnest look and dramatic pauses. Rob usually accompanies his wolverine with these knowing phrases which he says while violently moving his eyebrows up and down.

Speaking of which, Rob told me at ASA that he was disappointed that I didn't post my answers to the Special Guest Quiz that he posted to this weblog awhile back. I didn't realize that I was supposed to answer it. Re-reading it, this is fairly obviously addressed to me rather than to other readers of JFW about me. Then again, apparently several readers had the same interpretation as me, since they sent me their own answers and scores.

In any case, as for my own answer, I am fairly confident that I would answer (a) to all questions. Definitely for the one that would involve jumping into the air and clicking my heels, as I do that so regularly around here that it's apparently become part of the stock graduate-student-imitation-of-me.

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