Friday, August 15, 2003

hopelessly devoted to you

It may only be $15/day for the connection and the Ethernet cable, but I am online here in Atlanta at the meetings of the American Sociological Association meetings. Already my roommate has informed me that she won't be coming because of back problems, and several members of the group I was supposed to be joining tonight for drinks and poker will either not be coming or be coming late because of the blackout. I'm not sure how much the course of the meetings is going to be affected by the blackout. A colleague of mine who was on the plane with me said that he had been secretly hoping the blackout would reach Chicago so our connecting flight would be canceled and he'd have an unassailable excuse for bailing out on coming here.

For those would be surprised that I have Internet access and haven't e-mailed them: I'm having trouble getting the SSCC webmail interface to let me send mail, although I can read it. However, I'm just here for a moment and then I'm going back down to register and chat with people. Now that I'm here, I'm feeling a little exhiliarated, even. So I don't know how much JFW readers will get by way of blog entries.

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