Sunday, August 10, 2003

heart of darkness, part 13

First, my reply to Mr. Mongosutu:
-----Original Message-----

From: Jeremy Freese
Sent: Sunday, August 10, 2003 9:11 AM
To: 'richard mongosutu'
Cc: 'constance_hawkins'
Subject: RE: It is okay but..........
So, from what you said in your earlier e-mails, I'm presuming 

that you will be able to change the name of your beneficiary and
issue a power of attorney by simple fax. If you are able to do this
on Monday, I would imagine that we could have everything in the
works by when Constance arrives in Madrid at the end of the week.
Constance also, of course, needs the address of the place she is
going in Madrid. I am trusting you that there is no danger to her in
going to this place. Let us know if there might be some advantage
to her bringing along a couple of her more muscular friends from her
Since Constance is the one in Spain, not me, the documents should 

be in her name. Earlier, you had suggested monetary conditions
involving the transfer of funds; however, I am presuming I was wrong
in believing that these would involve some kind of fee. Do not issue
any documents in Constance's name if there is any possibility of any
monetary conditions involving the payment of fees that we have not
yet discussed. As I have said, we would understand if some fee
needed to be paid in order to release the money; however, I cannot
have my sister's name placed on any documents if we do not have
the details of this up front. Being obviously well-versed in the ways
of business yourself, I am sure you understand.
I presume that Constance does not have a cel phone (you haven't 

obtained one recently, have you, C.?), and so if there is any part of the
transaction that you need to conduct over the telephone please use
the telephone number that I included in an earlier message, and I will
pass this information along to Constance.

Then, Constance chimes in shortly thereafter:
Dear Mr. Mongosutu,
My brother is correct that I do not have a cell phone.

In the interest of time, it may be necessary to
contact him by phone. Please do not hesitate to do
this. He will know how to contact me, but I am
afraid, for the safety of the children, that we do not
give out the phone number for the orphanage. In this
day and time, one never can keep children safe enough
from nefarious forces.
Please email or call my brother as soon as possible

with more details. I can still adjust my schedule at
this time. I may be able to stay in Madrid longer
than I thought. If there are any hold ups with the
paperwork, I may be able to stay in Madrid until the
problems are resolved.

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