Thursday, August 21, 2003

ignore everything else and read this

my stupid half-brother said that i could write posts to his weblog as long as i didn't say anything that would embarrass him. don't expect to hear from me much, though. unlike him, i have better things to do with my time. i'm certainly not going to be standing around hospitals writing down their fire safety instructions or looking up websites to see if people in wisconsin don't give the name madison enough to their children.

he thinks he's being funny, i suppose. he does that. he's like the little kid who sticks straws in his nose and starts honking and shouting "i'm a walrus! i'm a walrus!" in fact he still does that at christmas sometimes even though none of us have laughed at it, ever. not even constance. he also usually spills food down his stupid button-down shirts at christmas and always ends up giving us cheapass gifts that he buys at mall kiosks and wraps in a way that would make you think a one-armed four-year-old did it. i bet he doesn't write about that in his precious weblog.

the whole weblog thing has gone to his head, if you ask me. i bet part of the reason he's doing is that it helps him compensate for all the jealousy he's always felt toward me. he may be the one with a phd, but whenever we get together it's clear who is the intellectual astronaut and who is the person who mixes the tang.

anyway, the reason i'm writing in at all is to write in to ask what's the deal with rob and the "half-basque, half-wolverine" thing. i assume that is another stupid thing that jeremy is making up. he likes to make up words like "basque" and pretend that they are real. one thing i do know, is that my brother is right about rob being C-U-T-E. so-called puppy sprinkles better watch out or maybe dahlia will be making a little secret trip to kent, ohio, if you know what i mean ;) ;) ;) ;)

rob, you know where to get in touch with me if the wolverine spirit so moves you. until later. *hugs*

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