Wednesday, August 13, 2003

congratulations, devah!

Here, sharing the karaoke stage to sing the Grease standard "Summer Nights", are the 2001 and (just announced) 2003 American Sociological Association Dissertation Award winners:

Ah, and so of course I use the opportunity of someone else's success not only to bask in their glory but to insinuate in some basking in my ever-more-distant-and-seemingly-anomalous-past-success AT THE SAME TIME. That's me, to a T.

For readers of this weblog who do not know her, Devah is brilliant and perhaps the most unstoppable person I have ever known. My suspicion is that she will not only be President of the ASA within the next twenty years, but President of the USA as well.

Incidentally, the person who one the Dissertation Award in the intervening year between Devah and me, Kieran Healy, has his own weblog, which is much more long-standing and elaborately-designed than my own.

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