Thursday, August 21, 2003

regarding rob... (3)

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From: Robert Clark
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 8:07 PM
To: Jeremy Freese
you may want to note this: within the world of college athletics, i root

most strongly for the michigan WOLVERINES. i did not go to michigan, i
have never lived in michigan, nor am i aware of any meaningful affiliation
that i have with michigan. i'm not even that big a fan of the movie "red
dawn." bizarre, no?
actually, i know perfectly well why i root for michigan.  in the 5th 

grade, my P.E. teacher started a march madness pool of sorts, where we all
randomly selected one of the 64 teams out of a hat before the tournament
started. the student who picked the tourney champ got a coupon for a free
ice cream cone. i picked michigan. if my memory serves me correctly,
they beat navy (with david robinson) in an 8/9 game and then lost to north
carolina in the 2nd round. i was crushed, but my allegiance had become
firmly cemented. to this day, i make sure that all glory (and agony)
reflecting off of michigan shines fully on me. in fact, dark blue and
gold/yellow quickly became my favorite colors and i sometimes root for
other sports teams if their colors even remotely resemble michigan's.
Also: Rob has sent out the e-nnouncement for his 2003 NFL pool, in which the winner will not only be awarded with 60% of the pot but also with a haiku written by me. As per this past weekend in Atlanta:
"Would you write a haiku for me?"
"A haiku for you? You want me to write a haiku. One about Rob Clark?"
"Well, no. Would you write a haiku about somebody else if I asked you to?"
"Sure, I could do that. Writing haikus are easy. I speak in haiku."
"And would you post it to your weblog?"
"If that's what you want. Or I could do a limerick. Maybe a sonnet."
"Maybe, but those would have to be in addition to the haiku."

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