Thursday, August 07, 2003

note of concern

E-mail from friend, promptly posted here:
dearest friend,
i am charmed by your weblog.  i check in regularly to see 

what's going on in the life of one of my dearest and truest friends. i
concur with jan that it's like getting a little bit of jeremy every day. but
i also feel that i would be remiss in my duties as friend if i did not inquire
about your well-being. you see, i have a number of concerns.

1.  i fear you are about to be [colorful expletive deleted] by one 

international swindler
2. you're giving your telephone number out to strangers. (the one you're
keeping, even, rather than the one you're soon to be done with.)
3. i think you're making up relatives.
4. you seem to spend an awful lot of time out of everyday blogging.

i suspect you would be best served by disconnecting yourself from the

internet altogether. if that sounds a little extreme... why don't you try
taking a little break from the blog just to see what happens.

Update: The above message draws an almost immediate complaint from Constance:
-----Original Message-----

From: Constance Hawkins [mailto:(deleted)]
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 1:35 PM
As you know, the orphans and I regularly check your blog.  

We were shocked to see that someone actually believes that you
have sewn us together from a cloth of lies. The children were quite
upset by this and I have spent the last few minutes singing them
lullabies while Agnes doses them with warm milk. I do hope we
manage to get them to sleep.
Brother, are you ashamed of me?  I know I am only your half sister, 

but surely you have told those you count among your friends about
my existence!
I am a little distraught, but still willing to help you and Mr. 

Mongosutu any way that I can.

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