Saturday, August 09, 2003


Even though I know orange is not the most flattering apparel color for everyone, I was still just trying to engage in some solidarity building when I got everyone in the Social Psychology and Microsociology area T-shirts for our annual Spring potluck. Earlier today, someone spotted one of the SPAM t-shirts on a stranger walking out of the library (that is, on who has nothing to do with the SPAM area), and, although my informant did not chase the woman down to make sure, the official suspicion is that one of the SPAM members on whom I bestowed these limited edition shirts turned around and re-sold theirs through one of the high-end-consignment-used-clothing-stores in town. Argh, the sense of betrayal I feel cannot be expressed in this medium, or at least without me going through the trouble of importing an .MP3 file of my screams of anger and I do not have time for that.

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