Thursday, July 31, 2003

the other jeremy freeses

According to, there are two other adult Jeremy Freeses listed in the US white pages:

Freese, Jeremy
RR 2,
Sullivan, IL 61951-9802

Freese, Jeremy
310 Teakwood Ln NE,
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402-1641

I don't know either of these JFs and have never called them for same-name-club chat. Freese is a surprisingly common surname considering how no one who is even modestly well-known has it (except the discoverer of the splendidly-scented Freesia plant). However, as Kathryn just pointed out, what is surprising is that if you google "Jeremy Freese" every entry that comes up is about me. What do these other two guys do that causes them to be completely absent from the Internet aether save for the material traces of their address and telephone number. I'm too chicken to telephone them and find out, would you?

Note that there is no guarantee that they pronounce the name the same that I do. An unrelated friend of mine from college has the same last name as me but pronounced it so that it rhymed with crazy. Plus, I'm only sporadic in my efforts to have people pronounce my last name so that it rhymes with niece rather than knees. This is setting aside the whole matter of whether people say Jeremy with three syllables or with only two (skipping the schwa in the middle).

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