Thursday, July 24, 2003

adopt my mother!

A couple of years ago, I went back to Iowa and gave my parents my old computer and Internet access for Christmas. Soon afterward, my mother learned how to forward messages, and she has been an enthusiastic passer-along of all kinds of forwarded messages since. On a few occasions, I have suggested to her that she should perhaps exclude me from the To: field of the political messages she sends out, especially those suggesting the American withdrawal from the UN and the renaming of all things French. Recently, however, my mother forwarded me this angry anti-Bush e-mail; turns out, which I didn't really know since I generally avoid talking to her about these things, that whatever other political opinions she may hold, she hates Bush. Which means that she's looking for someone else to vote for in 2004. Which means that she's one of those precious potential Iowa caucus voters who could be deciding who should get the presidential nomination. So, if you are organizing one of those adopt-an-Iowa letter-writing campaigns for your candidate of choice, you should really include my mother. Her address:

Ruth Freese
2980 200th Street
Manson, IA 50563

She really likes the idea of anyone who is going to stand up for the little guy and Stick It To The Man, so be sure to play that angle up on behalf of your candidate in your letter. For that matter, feel free to adopt my father (Eldon) as well. I'm sure a well-written letter can get them all excited and ready to Rock The Vote at the caucuses.

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