Friday, July 25, 2003

i want to live forever. i want to learn how to fly.

An update from my friend elaborating his idea to make us both (more) famous:
as for the "i'm with freese" talk show, i think it would be a smash hit. think of it as an audio/visual supplement to your weblog. it could even be a semi-talk show where i interview you. we could have different segments. one would be us going over the day's headlines in the nytimes (or some other daily) where i would report various news items and you would provide your reactions. another segment would be updates on your professional/personal life. and another segment could be you critiquing various studies in various disciplines. and you could also read your weblogs aloud and/or a segment could feature you typing in your weblog. or you provide unique weblogs that are only available on this show. finally, there could be a call-in segment, where various people chat with jfreese. now what do you think?

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