Thursday, July 31, 2003

dispatches from my inbox

I just got an e-mail from __(1)__ telling me not to go and write a post to my weblog about what __(1)__ just told/e-mailed me about __(2)__ because __(2)__ would be furious if s/he knew that __(1)__ had told/e-mailed me. Special weblog contest #1: I offer a prize for the first weblog reader who is neither (1) nor (2) who can correctly fill in the blanks. Send your entries to JEREMY FREESE (all caps), Box 350, Boston MA 02134.

At virtually the same time, Kathryn sends me an excited e-mail that this boy that she had a crush on at Andover has gone on to write for such publications at Salon, the New York Times, and the Boston Globe. She includes a link to his web site with the report that "He's still as dreamy as ever!" Kathryn sometimes marches to a different definition-of-dreamy drummer.

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