Sunday, July 20, 2003

upside-down, you're turning me

The Poseidon Adventure just ended. The acting was as bad as I had remembered, everybody a stock character like a special-super-disaster episode of The Love Boat. If you've never seen it (it's from 1972), an aging passenger ship is turned upside down by a tidal wave and 10 or so people try to make it to the bottom (now top) of the boat to survive. Some of the more famous cast members get good death scenes, and you get to see Red Buttons use the disaster to try to find a mate and end his lonely single life as a haberdasher. Spoiler: Fate spares Ernest Borgnine, despite an abject job of acting throughout the movie. Actually, the odds of surviving in the film bear this perverse inverse relationship to how well the actor/actress is doing in their role.

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