Tuesday, July 15, 2003

glass houses of complete ignorance

A moment of reflection would always seem helpful before declaring someone else to be completely ignorant. Case in point would be Sports Illustrated columnist Tom Verducci, talking about baseball's new All-Star game format: " Some players on Monday argued that the team with the better record should have the advantage, completely ignorant of the fact that it's logistically impossible for baseball to wait until the League Championship Series are over to find out where the World Series will begin . "

But, wait: unless baseball is completely rigged and Tom has been let in on the secret, no one ever knows where the World Series will begin before the League Championship Series is over. If the American League has home field advantage, one still has to wait until the ALCS is over before you know which of the two cities the first game will be played. So, as things stand now, when the League Championship Series begins there are two different cities that have to prepare for the "logistical possibility" that they will be hosting World Series Game 1. If you went to a format where the team with the best record had home-field advantage, when the League Championship Series began you would have either two or three different cities that would have to prepare for this possibility.

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