Thursday, July 17, 2003

the susan lucci of the scrabble b's

This week, I again come close to fulfilling my humble goal of just once going undefeated at Scrabble club, only to be denied. I win the first three games and making the bingoes ROUNDED, SPINNERS, BOXCARS, and SUNNIEST. BOXCARS (95 points) won the prize for that round for the highest play with the letter "O". Corrie also wins the first three of her games, and we are paired against each other in the final round. Not only will the winner be the evening's B division champion, but will also take the overall lead in the B division with like six weeks left to go in the Scrabble season. I'm down by 40 points on the last play of the game, with I-L-O-T-T and two blanks on my rack. If I use all seven tiles to make a bingo, I win. The only place a bingo will play is through an F that is three spaces in, meaning that the word has to have F as one of its first three letters. I use up all of the remaining time on my clock, but can't see anything, and lose. In the parking lot, Corrie notes that LOFTIEST would have worked, making plain that she did indeed deserve to win. Alas.

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