Tuesday, July 08, 2003

website for popular baby names

Okay, so I've got the "Blog It!" button on my Google toolbar all ready to go. Here is the URL for the Social Security popular baby names site. You can check my figures regarding the 1998-Emily-vs.-Kaitlyn affair.

The site also lets you see how a name has fared since 1991, or, if you look back on the lists, since the 1920s. My mom seems to have been fairly early in catching the Jeremy wave. The name was 368th among boys in the 1960's, but was 24th in the decade I was born and 28th in the 1980's. Then the Decline of Jeremy began, sliding to 47th in the 1990's. From 1991 to 2002 there is an almost perfect year-by-year decline, to where it was 91st in 2002. If anything, I'm surprised by its ranking, as it doesn't seem like I run in to enough Jeremys to warrant this place.

I started typing in names of friends of mine also in their thirties, and they are virtually all in decline, some steeper than other. Which, of course, is what you would expect, as somethings got to give to make way for the rise of the Dylans and Destinys.

It's still hard to believe that Madison is now the #2 most common girls' name. I still know more pets named Madison than people, although I suppose part of that might be due to my living in Madison.

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