Thursday, July 24, 2003

emily and ivory

Emily (on left in this photo) is here in my office and encouraging me to look at some of the other blogs that are on blogspot. We are currently looking at this one, which has an eerie-ly Emily-ish cast to it. On the person's extensive list of things she hates, she includes the following:
janice wickerson. note this is not one of those crazy "hit list"s or whatever because I don't think I could ever actually kill anybody, I don't eat animals okay so even if you think I want to murder these things and people i'm still a better person than you, unless of course you don't eat animals either but this is, and I repeat, not a hit list or anything of the sort. janice is just an example, I despise this girl, she is a symbol of everything that is wrong with our world today, and her friends and those who look and act like her and everyone slightly like her, I hate them all, theyre all little annoying avril lavingne lookalikes who take pleasure in making you suffer, oh they don't care, you'll walk home instead of taking the bus after you meet these girls even if it is negative 800 000 degrees outisde, because they are ruthless evil rich little fucks who deserve to be thrown into icey cold pools filled with scott stapp [note: the lead singer from Creed --jf] and sharks and before they die they should be fetched out of the pool and be beaten with chains and thrown out of windows 50 stories high and then they deserve to be injected with chemicals that will keep them alive for a little longer so they can be tortured more because they fucking deserve it.

Says Emily, "Rock. This person is my [expletive deleted] idol."

Postscript: Adds Emily, "Emily and Ivory, that's soooo dumb."

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