Thursday, July 31, 2003

and so a pattern emerges

First, the NYT runs an article. I read the article and comment on it in my supposedly-obscure-and-unvisited weblog. Then, afterward, a more lengthy comment on the same matter appears in the Slate magazine. Today's example is a piece on 861 tax dodgers and people who believe that legal documents in which their name is spelled in all capital letters (e.g., JEREMY FREESE) are not actually referring to their flesh and blood selves (Jeremy Freese).

When you combine this with the yesterday's first-ever instance of someone passing me in the hallway and saying "I read your weblog," I feel already the burdens of expected fame and influence upon me. I promise you, my reading public, that it is my intention that the entries in this weblog serve only the cause of good, not evil.

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