Friday, July 11, 2003

cooking cod on audiotape

Walking this morning to Parman's Garage to pick up my just-repaired car, I finished the audiobook version of Cod: The Biography of the Fish That Changed the World. Actually, I didn't really finish it, but instead I gave up in the middle of the first side of the last tape when it seemed like the rest of the book was just going to be an annotated recitation of different cod recipes (if it ends differently, somebody let me know). Serves me right, perhaps, for insisting on only listening to unabridged versions of books. The narrative parts of the book on the history of the cod-fishing is actually quite interesting and thought-provoking on environmental issues more generally. Great examples toward the end of the book of the amazing capacity for denial by fishermen and politicians as cod in various places were being fished to the point of virtually complete depletion.

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