Thursday, July 24, 2003

the madison restaurant death watch is on!

Shelly B (bicentennial photo from 1976) points out the The Isthmus Daily Page includes a list of recently opened restaurants in Madison, which can be used to start a prospective evaluation of the oft-repeated claim that 80% of restaurants fail in their first year (about which I have expressed skepticism in this weblog).

Here are the restaurants listed in the article (in order of appearance), along with comments about either their predecessor and whether they should be counted toward the tally.

Scott's Pastry Shoppe [do pastry shoppes count?]
Frida Mexican Grill [replacing Spices, which was open more than a year before it closed]
Le Chardonnay
Potbelly Sandwich Works [chain, should it count? replaces Bialy Brown's, which did not last a year]
Public House
Luna Caffé [a Food Fight restaurant, should it count? (Food Fight is a local conglomerate that owns upwards of 10 Madison restaurants.) Replaces Pasta Per Tutti, which was open more than a year before it closed]
Griglia Tuscany
Barriques Coffee Trader [has a café, should it count?]
Macaroni Grill [chain, should it count?]
Cold Stone Creamery
RodeSide Grill
Taj Indian

Let the ruthless games of the free market begin! Check back with this weblog in a year.

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