Monday, July 14, 2003

the ninth circle of scrabble hell

Can't sleep, again. I'm playing online Scrabble because I can't sleep, again. It's ambiguous whether playing this helps me get drowsy or actually makes me more awake. I play five minute Scrabble online, meaning each player gets five minutes to make all their moves. It's good for me because it's helped cure me of my problem of otherwise being a slow player. Still, I usually have trouble making all my moves in five minutes. The ninth circle of Scrabble hell is reserved for people who play nonsense words at the end of a game when the other person is up against the time limit and unable to challenge them off the board. One of the great things about online play, however, is that such people can be banished to your "noplay" list where they will never be on the other side of a virtual board from you again.

I suppose I shouldn't say "reserved," as no doubt there are other offenses that will also get you banished there. People who cheat and use anagram programs while they play, for example. Indeed, they are such miscreants that perhaps the folks who play nonsense words should get bumped up a circle.

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