Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Where Are They Now? today's episode: gerry faust

For whatever reason, I was wondering today whatever happened to Gerry Faust, the successful Catholic high school coach who got the biggest promotion in college sports history--straight from high school to the head coaching job at Notre Dame, where he promptly floundered (and went on to coach the Akron Zips, where I lost track of him). I found an entry for a Gerry Faust on a promotional speaker site, where this is the puzzling entry they have for him:
About Gerry Faust:
A seasoned entrepreneur, Bob Farrell co-founded Farrell's Ice Cream Parlours, created Engine House Pizza and served as Chairman of Pacific Coast Restaurants. His philosophy for business success is simple: take care of the customer. A dynamic and energetic personality, he shares with audiences his recipe for building business and keeping customers for life. The focus is on providing service excellence at every level and exceeding customer expectations at every opportunity. Farrell offers us proven and effective methods he used in his own highly successful operations to improve service, consistency, attitude and teamwork.

What you can expect to hear from Gerry Faust:
Driving to PRIME: The CEO's Challenge The Basics for Business in the 90's: Customers, Quality and Change Leadership for a New Age Profit from Chaos: Your Guide to Managing in a Brave New World Management Styles and Organizational Cultures: A Guide to Understanding People and Organizations Creativity and Innovation in a Healthcare Environment.
I must confess, this isn't what I was expecting!

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