Thursday, December 25, 2003

dispatch from the freese family farm, iowa

[part of phone call last weekend]
Hey, what kind of pop are you drinking these days, I'll pick some up.
Diet Pepsi Twist.

[call back, next day]
Hey, I'm going over to Fort Dodge shopping. When you said the Pepsi Twist, was it the regular or the diet?
Diet Pepsi Twist, Mom.
So, the diet, right?
Yes, Diet Pepsi Twist.

[soon after arriving home, I go to get a soda from the refrigerator downstairs. then I come back upstairs, soda in hand.]
Mom, remember when you called up just to ask me whether it was regular Pepsi Twist or Diet Pepsi Twist?
Didn't I get you the diet?
It's fine. But what you got is, um, regular Pepsi Twist.
[looking at can] I thought that was the diet.
No, the diet is in a light blue can and, you know, has the word "diet" on it sorta up here. In red, I think. Don't worry about it.
You know, I had the darnedest time in Hy-Vee finding the Twist, that Diet Pepsi Twist.
I'm sorry. Although, you know, technically Mom, you didn't actually find the Diet Pepsi Twist, this is the regular Pepsi Twist.

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