Friday, December 12, 2003

another hypothesis tested

When Rob isn't sending adulterous, amorous notes to my relatives, he's always doing science. He sent me an e-mail field report regard the hypothesis posted earlier this week about talk show film clips:
greg kinnear was on conan tonight.  the clip he "brought" was a plug for

his new movie, co-starring matt damon. wouldn't you know, but damon was
being showcased in the clip. wow. i know it's an N of 1, but i already
feel like bowing at the feet of whoever it was that emailed you with this
brilliant insight. bravo!

assuming that we can generalize from this quality sample, i believe the
original question was: what's up with that? i can only guess that the
"co-star clip strategy" is intended to let viewers know that there's not
only this one huge star in this movie, but look, there's this other huge
big star, as well. wow! no way! way.

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