Tuesday, December 16, 2003

hey teacher: encore performance

Same teacher, class, and student as the other "hey teacher" episodes. My friend notes that the student calls her "teach" or "teacher" in his e-mails, but shouts "Hey Mrs. [name]" when he sees her on campus (yes, my friend is a Ph.D. professor, and the student has been in college at least four years and still believes the high-school Missus is the proper form of address).
hello teach!! i wqas wondering if at all possible you could send me or 

show me the last few grades i got within our class (paper, test, whatever else)that
caused me to get a D in the course. that was a shock..this wont deter my
degree will it? well, at any rate, hope you can send me the info asked of you.
yhear frm you soon, [name]

you already had the cookies, you FINALLY found the milk,...GOT JESUS???

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