Saturday, December 27, 2003

location, location, location

Whenever I go back to the Freese Family Farm for the holidays, I always go through the previous year's issues of the Calhoun County Journal-Herald (my Mom saves them for me). I clipped various things out and will probably be posting some of them over the next few days.

One story while I was there was that the nearby town of Pomeroy (pop. ~1000) had organized a promotion where it planned to raffle off a brand-new house on Xmas eve. Part of the purpose of the promotion, as far as I could tell, was to generate buzz and excitement about the idea of living in Pomeroy, even though there isn't anything there except for a convenience store and a couple of bars (which, when I graduated high school, were named The Bar and The No-Name Bar). Tickets cost $100, and the promotion advertised that they would only sell 900 tickets (thereby raising $90K for what in the photos looked like a pretty decent new home). Fine print said that the raffle would only be held if all 900 tickets were sold, and if not sold the money would be returned. My father bought a ticket. He got word on Xmas eve that he could come get his money back. According to his report, not only did they not sell 900 tickets, but they only sold 70-some of them.

The ad below gives you an idea on the trends in the price of real estate in the area:

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