Monday, December 22, 2003

reruns roasting on an open fire

My beloved mother has officially cancelled Christmas this year. Long story, involving an maternal executive decision to allocate the money that she saves every year for the holiday to something else. After some fairly large Mom-logic leaps, this led to the proclamation of Absolutely No Gifts, followed by the decree that There Will Be No Holiday Decorations. This is all fine by me. The only problem is, I'm still going home for Christmas, as will two other of my siblings, and I'm not entirely sure what we are going to do. My worry, based on past years experience, is that we are going to spend much of the day with the television on. Given that I don't watch television here, I really don't like the idea of driving ten hours just to watch it. A few years ago, I remember that the family ended up sitting around watching some incredibly inane show about a man who got a newspaper every morning that would tell him what was going to happen that day. Another year I remember that my only way of dodging the television was to squirrel away in my room, where I read 1100 pages of fiction in 2 days. And these were years where we did have the present-exchange to occupy some of the time!

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