Tuesday, December 16, 2003

rave review

A rousing endorsement of the last post from a usual nonreader in Bloomington, IN:
i broke down and read your blog.  and wouldn't you know, it suddenly got

very interesting. far more than, say, when you write stupid sports or
political commentaries.
I mean, come on, where can somebody be self-indulgent in their prose if not on their weblog? It would be a weird taking-the-weblog-too-seriously if I confined myself to only things I think would be amusing/entertaining for others rather than posting whatever I feel like pronouncing to the world at a particular moment. Besides which, I clearly mark all political, sports, a sociological-methods entries so that they can be easily skipped over by the noninterested masses. And, I actually recently removed a more elaborate post about Nader because I thought it would reveal me to be going over the edge.

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