Saturday, December 13, 2003

new artistic project, #12 & #35

As I was driving back to the RV last night, I started thinking of how cool it would be to create a mix CD of people telling what they thought were their best anecdotes. Then, I started to think, what are my best anecdotes. I think my best anecdotes from my time in Madison so far are:

1. "Grading my first graduate paper at Madison"
2. "Mozart unashamed"
3. "Locked out of social science/Stolen car at Sentry" (special double anecdote)
4. "Emily's job interview"
5. Not sure here: Contenders include "Getting my mother online" (although this one is still ongoing), "Changing the name of the social psychology area", "The union grievance that almost was", but the winner is probably "My first plagiarist".

The freakiest anecdote I have from my time at Madison is, without a doubt, "The woman at the window."

Any list of my favorite anecdotes from my last five years would have to include "Those robbers that read the obituaries" and "Interviewing at Chicago." Maybe also "Dad gets some new clothes."

The best vicarious anecdote I tell is certainly "How Amy and Rob first met."

I was talking about this with Emily (who sprang to mind since she is featured in #4) and she has sent her top 5 all-time list and her provisional top 5 Madison list:


1. the floodgates of profanity
2. i would sit on the baby
3. setting my hair on fire
4. soccer moms
5. mistaken for patrick** ***


1. take the spoon, just take it
2. jerry discovers gender
3. tie me to a table
4. crunching
5. mistaken for patrick** (not sure how this can be #5 on both lists, also)

Special Weblog Assignment: Figure out your own list and send it to me (not the anecdotes, especially since anecdotes don't tell so well over e-mail, just the titles).

Update: ** after this was posted, Emily e-mailed me to say, cryptically: "is not a real anecdote. but, though it is not, it has become one. you may want to make note of this."

Update, later: *** Emily has e-mailed me again to say: "can you replace 'mistaken for patrick' on my all-time greats list for a tie between 'never have sex with your sister' and 'i love my duckhead"?'"

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