Thursday, December 18, 2003

stench by chocolate

My friend J. e-mails from his new quadplex apartment:

Okay, if you move into a new apartment and discover you do not have trashbags

for your kitchen wastebasket, you should GO OUT AND BUY THEM IMMEDIATELY.
You should not start putting trash in the wastebasket and assume you can take
care of it later. However, if you do just start putting garbage in the
wastebasket, this garbage should not include a to-go cup from when you got
hot chocolate at Starbucks. And if you do feel like you have to throw away
in to-go cup in your bagless wastebasket, you should confirm that it is
empty first. Or else, when you finally do get around to bagging the trash in
said wastebasket, you will discover how the lovely aroma of chocolate turns
very unlovely when it forms a solid dried sheet covering the bottom of your

Lucky for me, my shower has sandblaster-like water pressure, so I was able to
clean up the cocoa mess relatively painlessly. More painlessly, for example,
than what I experience when I actually step into the shower myself, as the
water pressure really is such that I'm sure it could be used to remove

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