Wednesday, December 10, 2003

(sports) growing geniuses in the sunshine state

The NYT has an article on a college coach who, after being drummed out of his last job after one season, took a coaching job to start a new program at Florida Atlantic university in his last 60s, and now has them winning in only their third season of existence. The article seems to want to believe it is because of this coaches' philosophy and prowess, and it even contains a quote from one player calling him a "genius." The article also notes that the entire team only contains 4 players from outside Florida, which it seems to want to cast as another disadvantage that this genius coach has overcome. Why is it that so many people who come to coach college football in the state of Florida come to be hailed as geniuses? Is there something that Jeb Bush is doing that raises their IQs? Is Florida a natural magnet for geniuses? Or, might it have something to do with Florida having the most favorable demographic ratio of high school football talent to the number of major college football programs?

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