Friday, December 05, 2003

and what was that streetcar named again? dessert? designer? delilah?

A reader from Ashland, KY (home of the Judds, but this reader is not one of them) writes:
I have this memory from grad school - actually I don't know if it's a 

real memory or if I just heard about this and have an imagined
picture in my head: Jeremy moving from or to 2nd street (and
Lincoln? Washington? I've forgotten all of those street names,
thank god) ALONE AND BY FOOT, carrying his mattress down the
street (balancing this on his head?). True memory... or figment
of my imagination????
I can't say if the memory is a real memory, but the event actually did happen. I balanced the mattress on my head, and then, later, the box spring (which was easier). Compared to then, I worry that nowadays I've gone soft.

Is it just me and the author of this e-mail, or do street names vanish from one's mind after you are about a year removed from living in a place. I can remember maybe the name of seven streets in Bloomington (not counting the numbered streets), which means they managed to bore their way into my long-term memory only at a rate of one per year. In Bloomington, there was this one street I have to have been on at least two thousand times, it runs next to the ISR there and then ends at the building where the sociology department is housed, and I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

Update, 4 AM (from campus, ugh): Rob Clark, himself more recent of Indiana University than I am, e-mails to tell me that the street name was Hawthorne.

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